10 years of OEM & ODM experience

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Liaocheng Solistar Art & Crafts Co., Ltd.

With 10 years experience we have confidence to make wonderful crafts.
Support OEM & ODM manufacturing. Follow the trend and develop new products every month.
From material selection to production, to packaging, we care every step. Every year we devote 10 thousand USD to our quality control and development. 
Consultant style sales representatives, high efficient communication and respond, save your time and cost.

Ms. Alma Ma

Senior Sales

I treat every customer with my professional knowledge and careful service, from my first day to entry, and strive to make every cooperation a pleasant one and won’t let my customer down.

Ms. Wang Xiaorui

Person in Charge of Design Dept

Having been in designing for five years and I believe “Creation makes miracle.” I love my ideas and inspiration become a real product. My design team are now working on some awesome things and will show you soon.

Mr. Zhang Shicheng

Supervisor of Production Dept

In my eyes, laser machines are not machine; they are my babies. I check its conditions and oil it regularly. You may laugh that I cannot see a beautiful pattern; I only care the cutting line and engraving depth. 

Ms. Xu Haiying

Supervisor of Packing and QC Dept

Hi there! I cannot speak English, but I know how to pack goods safe. My daily job is to guarantee every carton is packed logically and safely, and NO defects in them.

Ms. Gillian Liu

Sales Manager

I've been in international business for half a decade. Enjoyed interacting with people worldwide and being a good helper in their procurement.

Ms. Phoebe Chen

Senior Sales

High quality product practitioners.
Welcome customer's inquiry, we are devoted to providing high quality craft products and best service, you will get far more than our website show, looking forward to your first touch.

Ms. Alina Guo

Senior Sales

Customers’ good helper. 
I treat every customer and every order with patience and professionalism. Providing help in their buying by rich experience, faster reply, useful suggestions and considerate after-sale service.
Have received so many good feedback from customers. Hope to get your five-star good feedback soon.