Successful Case

One German client wanted to purchase some wooden ornaments for their food promotion. 
What they care most is certificate.

A German Client's Custom Bamboo Ornament Case

We sent our FSC and CARB to them, after examination, we pass. 

Then move to sampling. Customer wanted to check quality first, so we need to send samples from our stock to them. My colleague and I selected some popular models ornaments made out of plywood and sent to Germany.

After one month, we got the feedback. Customer was very happy about the quality, but they want to have their own styles. This is very ok for us. 

After another month, customer finished their design and sent to us to get a quote. They wanted to change plywood to bamboo with 5mm thickness. My colleagues and I calculated repeatedly, and quantity is big, we are direct manufacturer, customer was satisfied with this competitive price. 

Unsurprisingly, the samples were approved. And bulk production was smooth, too. We ship the order on time with extra pieces to customers and received great feedback. 


Now we are discussing new designs.