Successful Case

In 2017 we developed a new product: wooden lantern. Please see the below pictures. 
We sent samples of 2 designs to one UK customer, who was very interested in this wooden light (they prefer to call it wooden light box.)

As you can see the light inside are simple button cell battery, packaging is simple, OPP bag only. Then this customer want to make some improvement to make the light boxes more attractive.


1.The battery should be changed to some advanced and fancy battery, and with remote.
2.Packaging should be box, color printed.
3.And use their unique design.
4.Size should be more bigger than the current one. 


When we received the requirement, actually the most difficult part is battery. To be honest we have no much experience in electricity field. My two co-workers, purchasing colleague and production manager held a small meeting to discuss how to find a perfect light piece with both fancy look and good quality. Purchasing colleague put up three options that he met in the market. Manager suggest we can buy them back and test one by one. 


After inner testing, we found one of them is unique and creative. And this light piece is safe and easy to use. Then we told our customer what we found and send to them pictures. 


They approved and wanted a sample. That’s normal stage. But after sample production we found packaging become another issue. In bulk, products shall be sent flat, but the problem is the special design of the box are easily get broken. After 1 day-experiment, our packaging manager come up with a solution and solve the problem perfectly. Our customer has no idea of this, because we don’t want them to worry about the process, they only need to know the great result.


After sampling, smoothly move to order. Even when customer receive the goods, they still have hundreds of questions about the light piece part, they need a lot of data. We are always there and help them finish all. Service is not just before and in the production, mostly it lies in after sale. 

A UK Client's Custom Wooden Light Boxes Case