Successful Case

A German Client's Custom Wooden Display Case

In October 2017, we received an inquiry from Germany. They need a display to exhibit their products. Previous display was made out of cardboard, this time they want to use wood, but not MDF, and thickness should be 3-4mm because the products exhibited are lightweight.

For this case, the most suitable material should be plywood. Customer also mentioned the acrylic, but acrylic is not cost-effective. So we provide suggestions to the client. 
However, client has little knowledge about the plywood, they are not sure if this is the best choice and suitable for their products. 
Then we made introduction about this material and sent photos. After discussion, we plan to make a plywood display and send one piece of plywood to the client for better check. 
We used one week to make the first sample, when the client received the sample; they were very satisfied with the material and its quality. After that, we moved into sampling stage. Altogether made four samples, to adjust the size, change the design. Every time we put 100% attention to the product to make sure the display would be great in function and quality.
After four times sampling, confirm the order. 
This is a happy cooperation, sampling, production, shipment, all smooth and pleasant. After first order, customer placed another order 3 months later.